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36th Congress European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons ESCRS

22 Settembre 2018 · Vienna

Istruttore corsi: " Enhanced screening for ectasia susceptibility prior to laser viison correction: from corneal topography and pachymetry to 3D tomography and biomechanics" "Corneal Biomechanics for the clinician: understanding the basics" ""Therapeutic refractive!Bring your case" "The evolution of PTK:from plano treatments to transepithelial custom corneal wacefront-guided ablations-a step-by step course to achieve optimal results" "Beginning FLACS: an organised approach to femtolaser cataract surgery" Relatore "Advanced surface ablation with an irregularity-reduction software for the treatment of Hyperopia" ISRS SYMPOSIUM Best Clinical Pearls 2018 "Increasing depth-on-field of monofocal IOL by a new biometric formula"